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Knox County Schools To Address Academics?

Now we are hearing the other side of the issue, from parents who are supportive of the rezoning efforts.  Most of these supporters realize that someone has to be moved, and although it may be a tough pill to swallow, it has to be accepted.  School board chairwoman Karen Carson is encouraged, and looks forward […]

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Power Blackout in Colombia

The whole country suffered a three hour power outage yesterday. The blackout caused chaos in the main avenues of the Colombian capital and other cities of the country since traffic lights stopped working. That’s funny.  I was there in October, and I thought all of the traffic lights were Christmas decorations because no one paid […]

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NASCAR and Pro Wrestling

I’ve been saying it for years. NASCAR is fixed. Professional Wrestling may have predetermined outcomes, but NASCAR is rigged. At least pro wrestling doesn’t claim to be real. Finally I’m vindicated. One of NASCAR’s own has broken kayfabe and told the truth. Two-time champion Tony Stewart likened NASCAR to professional wrestling and accused it of […]

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Like Private School is a Bad Thing?

From WBIR. This is what happens when customers are not satisfied with a product…they choose a different supplier.  Unfortunately, Knox County residents will still be forced to pay the provider for a defective product they aren’t even using.  As stated by rocketsquirrel on rocketsquirrel on KnoxViews: Perhaps the School Board and the Administration need to look […]

Knoxville’s Hot Topic–Rezoning

I’m still baffled by this uproar and outcry. I wonder how many of the parents who are ranting and raving about the rezoning (the most common complaint is that their kids are going to be separated from their friends) would ever bother to complain to the school board about the fact that their children are graduating […]

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Tennessee Trash

I was looking for some other posts about eyesores in Knoxville and  and found  the Tennessee Trash Blog.  Byron has posted this commercial on the entire site.  It is a remake of the “Tennessee Trash” commercial that ran when I was a kid in the 70s. The funniest thing about the orginal is how I […]

Knoxville Eyesores

I actually got up yesterday to check the KNS online to see their article on Knoxville Eyesores.  I have to say that I’m a little disappointed, but I guess you get what you pay for.  It seems like they were addressing issues that occur everywhere else in Generica–urban sprawl, litter, strip malls, abanadoned warehouses, etc. […]

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Talking Cameras to Monitor for Litter

Oh boy.  Home Secretary John Reid told BBC News there would be some people, “in the minority who will be more concerned about what they claim are civil liberties intrusions”. What about this isn’t an intrusion on civil liberties?  And so what if the people who are concerned are in the minority?  As I recall […]

Another Great Ron Paul Interview

What is it that possesses anybody to think that governments, which (are) not trusted by anybody, should have the power to create money out of thin air and create runaway spending and allow the politicians to not worry about deficits in order to buy reelection? The full interview is here. The only area I really […]

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Virginia Tech Shooter Photos

Wow. Those are super disturbing. Personally, I think it sucks that the media is giving this guy the exact glorification and exposure he wanted.  I didn’t want to glorify “that guy” by mentioning his name or posting his photo here. However, I dug through the archives and found one that I feel accurately represents him.