GOP Debates on May 3rd will Feature Nine Candidates, Including Ron Paul

Sandy Price sizes up the candidates who have accepted invitations, and had this to say about Ron Paul: 

Congressman Ron Paul is the sole candidate who believes in a limited government and a “hands off” position as far as our individual choices goes. Dr. Paul has also stated that he is against the Iraqi war and will close it down when possible.

Who will ask the questions to these men about the level of lies and deceit that has developed since the Bush Administration was organized? I have never seen a weaker group of men running for any position with the exception of Dr. Paul. I cannot even imagine any Republican trying to clean up the current mess.

I’m really looking forward to this.  Hopefully Dr. Paul will remind fiscal conservatives where their roots lie while also making some headway with anti-war Democrats.  I look forward to seeing him challenge the other candidates directly on their positions.  As was evident in his interview with Maher, even the slickest debaters have a tough time refuting rational thought and common sense.  Politicians in general, especially today’s Republicans, are woefully void of both.

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