I’m Betting on Ron Paul

Brad Warbiani has some news that is thrice as nice:

1.  Ron Paul has moved up to 5th in the 10 man field

2.  Ron Paul’s numbers are trending upwards

3.  There is a possibility that I may be able to gamble on the outcome of the elections (developing)

Seriously, this is really good to see, especially when you consider that the mainstream media continues to look at the Paul campaign as a loony joke.  People are starting to take what he’s saying seriously and paying attention. 

Can he win?  No.  Can he push the debate in the right direction?  Absolutely.

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2 Replies to “I’m Betting on Ron Paul”

  1. Willy, I really hope you are right. However, I think Paul is going to run into a huge hump when it comes to the masses.

    For those of us who are interested/informed enough to follow a race this far out he looks great.

    For the people who watch the “news” on Fox only if there isn’t a new episode of the Simpsons on, well…

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