Post Debate Coverage Part IX — Ron Paul

This will be good.  Hannity already doesn’t want to talk to him.  I wonder if he’ll ask him if he had fun out there…

Ron Paul wants to debate on foreign policy.  He’s running as a Republican because he is running on traditional Republican platforms.   Duh.

Admirably, Hannity is giving him a chance to clear up what he meant by his statement (he didn’t ask him if he had fun).  Oops.  I was wrong. He’s asking him, but not giving him an opportunity to answer.  That seems about right.

Ron Paul is ripping Hannity a new on and giving him a lesson on the Constitution.  Beautiful!!!

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3 Replies to “Post Debate Coverage Part IX — Ron Paul”

  1. Ron Paul shines on the economy,the free interprise system,the market No questions were asked . Immigration No questions were directed on him. Those dummies at Fox aren’t so stupid, however, to allow Paul to run away with the debate. Still he really shined on the foreign policy mess that our government created in the middle east. ” The people aren’t to blame for 9-11″ he said but our elected officials are! Well said! And thanks. Political hacks like Guilliani, don’t want to debate Ron Paul, even when Paul challenged him to a debate on foreign policy. Rudy,well he’s just a coward. What do you expect from the tough New York City lawyer.

  2. Ron Paul challenged the tough New York City lawyer to a debate on foreign policy last night. Well, how tough do you think a New York City political hack has to be before accepting such a challenge from the great Ron Paul? Pretty tough. Rudy doesn’t have what it takes!!!

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