Presidential Debate at Reagan Library Part III

A few more categories.  Yeah, these are a little stupid, but I think if you think of things on these terms you can make some pretty educated decisions.  For instance, when the whole “WWJD” thing was so big, I came up with my own set of guidelines for life called “What Would David Lee Roth Do?”.  Any time I was faced with a decision, I’d just ask myself, WWDLRD?   If it were a weekend, I’d make the same decision Dave would make.  On weeknights I did the opposite.

Candidate I’d most like to go out drinking with

This one is tough.  Romney is the obvious choice because he looks like Ted Danson.  I’m sure he can pull.  Duncan Hunter looks like someone who might be able to help you get into some real trouble.  McCain would be fun because he’d have the best stories, and Tommy Thompson would probably have you ROTFL at some of the stuff that would come out of his mouth.  The problem is, do I really want one of my drinking buddies as president?

Worst to drink with

Paul and Brownback would be buzz kills.  If I were out with Tancredo I’d make a dash for the door as soon as he went to the bathroom.  He seems like the kind of guy who would mouth off and (inadvertently) wind up in a fight.

Candidate who could help SNL by being someone good to make fun of

Tommy Thompson is the obvious choice.

Candidate who’d be better off hosting the nightly news

Jim Gilmore.  He would just report the news–it would never be about him.

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