Republican Debate at the Reagan Library Part II

Okay, I was trying to do this without reading what anyone else in the blogosphere had written. I did have to sneak a peek at Reason’s live blogging of the debates last night. Freaking hilarious–check it out. Continuing on with some funnier categories…

Candidate I could beat up the easiest
Ron Paul. This guy is super-intellectual, but he is much smaller than the other candidates. I think this will hurt his chances of getting noticed. He did do a great job of differentiating himself with what he said, but I’m not sure how many people get how far removed we are from the original intent of the Constitution.

Candidate who would be the toughest to beat up
I’d have to say McCain. You just don’t want to mess with people who have been in a POW camp. He has strengths in places I don’t even have places.

Candidate I’d most like to fight
Romney. As I said in my last post, he reminds me of Clinton. The reason I’d give for whooping him? “I wanted to destroy something beautiful.”

Candidate I’d most want to deliver the baby
Dr. Paul. Obviously.

Candidate I’d least want to deliver the baby
Gilmore. If he walked into the deliver room I’d say, “who the hell is this guy?” There’s nothing memorable about him.

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