Republican Debates at the Reagan Library Part I

I was up late watching the debates on Tivo. I’ll make some quick hits here with a lot more to follow later.

Most Presidential
Romney–I’m hearing people say he was the most like Reagan. To me he seemed more like Clinton, and I don’t think that’s a good thing. It is sad that what is considered “most presidential” has a lot to do with how they come across on T.V. Discounting that, I’d say Duncan Hunter made an impression as a tough leader who is resolute and would hold up under pressure, even if I disagree with him on most issues.  LOL, I kill me.  That was pretty funny.

Least Presidential
Tancredo–It was difficult to filter out the point he was trying to make with most questions. On top of that, he actually claimed to be “articulating principles”. I didn’t see him articulate anything. He reminded me a lot of Bush in that respect…also not a good thing.

Most On Point
I’m probably biased here, but I think Ron Paul did a great job of framing almost all questions within the context of the Constitution. He stood out especially on the rapid fire questions when he referred to the constitutionality of the issues.

Least on Point
Have to give this one to Tancredo as well. This guy was all over the place. I thought Brownback started off wandering as well, but he really came off as the most sincere and straightforward on Roe vs. Wade.

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