Rejected 2008 Campaign Slogans

I was reading some old posts on the debates and post debate interviews and thought it would be funny to make up some campaign slogans for the Republican candidates. Feel free to play along…

Mitt Romney–Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, I’m also a Mormon.

John McCain–Vote McCain! Did I read the queue card right?

Tommy Thompson–Wait ’til Fred gets here–you haven’t heard the last of the Thompsons!

Rudy Giuliani–You know I was Mayor of New York during 9-11, right?

Tom Tancredo–¿Que? ¿No habla? Adios.

Mike Huckabee–Even more likable than the last guy from Arkansas!

Jim Gilmore–Hey, d’ya hear the one about Rudy McRomney?

Duncan Hunter–If I catch one more Chinaman devaluing our currency…

Ron Paul–I’ve actually read the Constitution, have you?

Fred Thompson–*official slogan coming July 4th*

Newt Gingrich–Ask my mom what I think of Hillary.

Sam Brownback–Just another child of a loving (heterosexual) God

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