Ron Paul on Colbert

I stayed up to watch Ron Paul on The Colbert Report tonight, and I was not disappointed. Not only did I get to see Dr. Paul, but also got to see Knoxville mentioned for our recent Bear Gone Wild, and heard one of the funniest one-liners I’ve heard in a while–“If someone is teaching you, it’s not masturbation.”

[youtube 7ErBROBgERs]

I wish the segment with Dr. Paul could have been longer, but Colbert was generous enough to let him get his points across. Colbert made a pretty ironic statement when he said he’d rather be alive and safe than free and dead. Hopefully that Patrick Henry reference wasn’t lost on everyone. Dr. Paul did a great job of turning that into the assertion that we can be more free and safer.

I loved the laundry list of federal departments Dr. Paul is in favor of eliminating. I’d love to see him challenge the other candidates to find the permission of the federal government to man these departments in our Constitution.

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  1. Yaay! YAAY! Lemonade stand!

    Ok i’m sorry i am going totally Retarded over this guy. It makes sense folks. You aren’t thinking.

    Ron Paul is the good mans. He is not the evil mans. Vote for the good mans.

    It is White vs Black.

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