Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson

I’ve been noticing recently the drastic difference in the agility with which Ron Paul handles questions from reporters and in debates in contrast to the other candidates. Most of the candidates usually seem either rehearsed or completely caught off guard, depending on the question. Tommy Thompson is a great example. He looks completely rehearsed and “ready” for some questions and completely lost on others.

Other times, candidates use little tricks like starting their answer with, “The question is…” and repeating the question. Obviously, they are thinking on their feet here. Sometimes they are thinking about what their answer is going to be, other times they are parsing their words. They are so worried about saying the wrong thing that they have a hard time saying anything at all.

Dr. Paul, however, can answer most questions based solely on logic and principle, so you seldom see him burdened with the necessity to think on his feet. I see this as a huge advantage. Notice in this interview that it seems to be much more of a conversation than an attempt to hit the bulleted items on his powerpoint and get in his soundbite one liner.

How refreshing.

[youtube 2mb7aiM9K9Q]

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One Reply to “Ron Paul on Tucker Carlson”

  1. That may be the best interview I have ever witnessed between a reporter and candidate, not just because I agree with what Dr. Paul is saying but because:
    1. He is clear.
    2. He is articulate.
    3. And the Q&A atmosphere was relaxing (he wasn’t trying to hide or cover up anything but was using his time to inform his opinion).

    I noticed that the reporter felt the same way I did. No interuptions, sarcasm, or aggravation- just (2) guys talking to each other across a table at lunch.

    The last time I enjoyed an interview like this may have been Mean Gene Okerlund and Hogan circa 1986.

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