Thoughts on the New Hampshire Debate

Well, not very many fireworks at all.  John McCain, my friends, looked so rehearsed that he was afraid he was going to make a mistake.  I was glad to see Ron Paul stay on message and tie everything back to the Constitution and our flawed foreign policy.  Almost every statement he made received at least a smattering of applause from the audience, but then again, they are in New Hampshire.

I was really irritated at how Wolf Blitzer let the candidates go on and on with their off-topic answers.  I think he lost control of the moderation early on.  He started off trying to hold them to the questions, but Romney pretty much let him know that wasn’t going to happen.

Tommy Thompson looked prepared on the health care question.  He’s done his homework there.

Wasn’t it interesting how everyone else is now tying foreign policy to our dependence on energy?  Ron Paul brought this up in the first debate.  It’s just another example of his presence pushing the debate into the right direction.

Tom Tancredo may be the only man alive who is a worse public speaker than G.W. Bush.

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