Do The Republicans Want Another Goldwater?

I think Rogel is right in his contention that the Republicans could lay a great conservative groundwork for the future by nominating Ron Paul.

But I think the Republicans would have a big problem with this because they think it would basically be a concession of the 2008 election.

And whether they are aware of it or not, I don’t think most Republicans care all that much about being conservative anymore. They want to use the label “conservative”, but aren’t really interested in backing it up with their ideas and actions.

They would be wise to heed the words of Tyler Durden, “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”

Let’s face facts:
* What once were considered socialists/commies are now called liberals.
* What once were considered liberals are now called conservatives.
* And what once were considered free-marketers and supporters of the Constitution are now considered nut jobs.

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4 Replies to “Do The Republicans Want Another Goldwater?”

  1. I don’t agree. I think Ron Paul would win big in the general.

    People sometimes point to 1964 as the right analogy for Ron Paul 2008, but the more analogous year is 1980.

  2. I’m still not sure what’s tougher for Paul: winning the nomination or winning the election. Of course, a lot has to do with the Democratic nominee chosen. And, also, the race for the Republican nomination just seems so overwhelming right now.

  3. Buckwheat,

    I agree with you that Dr. Paul would do much better in the general than Goldwater did, and I think he would actually have a pretty good chance at winning, especially against any one of the group of butt hooks the Democrats could possibly nominate.

    The problem is that those in power in the Republican party don’t see it that way, and they would never allow him to get the nomination. I should have been more clear in my original assertion.

    I’ll go back and edit…otay?

  4. Buckwheat – the chances of Ron Paul winning the general election are slimmer than Goldwater’s. He isn’t even a front runner in his own party. It is generally advised to separate analysis from wishful thinking… 🙂
    The republicans are most likely going to loose in the general election regardless on who the nominate. The American people are disappointed and don’t trust this gang, and with good reasons. The question is how long they are going to be out of power – if they clean their house and return to the roots they might have change in 2012.

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