Margie Loyd on Medical Leave

KNS has the full story. Of course, the details of a medical leave are privileged. I’d guess that she’s claiming some emotional distress due to the spending scandal that’s been brewing lately.

That, or it could be that lunches in the Mayor’s office have been downgraded from lobster at Regas to bean burritos at Taco Bell, and the extra onions didn’t sit well with her.

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3 Replies to “Margie Loyd on Medical Leave”

  1. OK, if you are going to report on county events, you had better plan on updating your site several times a day… Margie has now resigned and retained Gregg Issacs…

    From WBIR
    “Isaacs says that Ms. Loyd will remain on medical leave, using accrued sick and vacation leave, until the effective date of her resignation, August 26, 2007.”

  2. Report? Whoa, whoa, whoa…I’m not trying to report anything, just making smart-ass remarks about what other people report.

    But thanks for the updates! Keep them coming…they keep me from getting bogged down with facts and such and stick to my primary goals.


    So it wasn’t the Taco Bell? That leads me to believe there is plenty left to be uncovered. This should be fun!

    How will this all end? Is Knox-Tammany Hall going to crumble?

  3. Good point… “comment” would have been a better selection than “report”.

    This morning’s edition of the NS has some more details. Another employee goes down in flames… From all accounts that I’ve heard, Loyd was a good employee just trying to do her job. Read the resignation letter submitted by Isaacs – sounds an aweful lot like its not the last paperwork he will be delivering to the mayor’s office.

    Now what we have is a little journalistic competition going on in this town that has caused a bit of a frenzy with the press. The print media has been one uped by TV (WBIR) so they are playing catch up. Plus, the media seemed to have aligned itself early on in all this with the mayor’s office after January 31 commission meeting (see the News Sentinel’s lawsuit over sunshine law for details). Then a top aid is less that forthcoming in a scheduled interview designed to set the record straight??? Well, now the gloves are off…

    I’m bloggin’ on some of this stuff a couple times a week if you are really interested…

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