Ron Paul with Stephanopolous

Stephanopolous acts like he’s never heard any of this before…unbelievable. And the look on his face when he tells Dr. Paul, “that’s not going to happen.” What a twerp. George hates hates hates than Ron Paul doesn’t play by the political rules of status quo Washington.

However, it is at least good that Ron Paul got some good publicity on a widely watched network show. I think the American people are smart enough to see that Ron Paul is actually sincere and backs up his talk with his own actions. Enjoy the video.

[youtube yAh9sp7ebdY]

George Will on the Declaration of Dependence

George Will’s column today is really worth a read on FDR and how the New Deal did little more than continue the depression longer than it’s natural course and have placed us in our current situation of dependence on the State.

Much to the horror of my grandfather, I have long believed that FDR was the worst president in the history of this country. That’s saying something, especially considering Jimmy Carter could was up for the award. The affects of FDR’s insane policies and programs are still being felt today.

Look no further than the land swap deals that occur here in the Tennessee Valley where lake front property is traded for other plots of land to private developers. TVA took this land by eminent domain to flood the valley, then decided decades later to trade it away. Are the original owners or their posterity being fairly compensated for lakeside plots that were once the tops of hills?

Ron Paul Has More Than McCain

We already know that Ron Paul is the most fiscally conservative candidate, and today George Stephanopoulos reports that Dr. Paul now has more money in his coffers than McCain. It makes me wish I hadn’t blocked McCain ads on my site…run him even further down. 😉

This makes Ron Paul a distant third in the money, but it’s still third. I’ll take it for now.

I love his reaction in this clip to hearing that his $2.5M in the bank is more than McCain’s. Now if the time for Dr. Paul to take off running.

I think it would be wise of him to now stop trying to identify himself as Republican, Democrat, or libertarian. He made a great point in this interview when he said his is an American Message. I can’t wait to see the entire interview this Sunday.

So It’s the Oil Companies That Are Price Gouging?

I’ve had more arguments than I can count with people about this. They always claim that the oil companies (and Bush) are fixing the prices, there is nothing the common man can do about it, blah blah blah, waa waa waa.

Today in the KNS, Glen Eastes made a point that I think is utterly brilliant about the cost of education. The University of Tennessee is trying to justify another tuition increase, and I hope people will remember this the next time they feel like they’re getting gouged at the pump:

I attended a Big 10 university in 1948. The tuition was $75 a semester. Gasoline was about 25 cents a gallon. Today the tuition at UT will be about $3,000 a semester. Today, gas is $3 a gallon. So, if the oil companies are taking advantage of the public, I don’t know the word to describe the tuition cost.

Beautiful. I could write pages and pages on yet another gouging by the gov’ment, but you get the idea.

Ron Paul on iPhone — Brilliant

Whoever is running the technical marketing aspect of Ron Paul’s campaign is a freaking genius. Find out what is more popular than Ron Paul in the medium that attracts your audience, attach yourself to those things, support them, encourage them, and grow them. Eventually, you’ll be playing in the same sandbox with them. No wonder he’s seen such a huge jump in fund raising. He’s proving day in and day out that he and the people around him are smarter than what the other candidates have to offer.

YouTube and iPhone are the only things that have been out ranking Ron Paul on Technorati, and he’s done a great job of using these two things to his advantage–something the other candidates haven’t been able to do as successfully.

Just imagine if the other candidates could leverage the media this way. John McCain would show up on an episode of “All in the Family” or “Perry Mason”. Rudy Giuliani would be doing sketch comedy at nursing homes around the country. Tom Tancredo would be guest starring on a Mexican soap opera–well, maybe not that one.