Ron Paul Blowback?

It was only a matter of time before “Ron Paul Blowback” would happen on the internet. has this to say about people burying Ron Paul on Digg, just for the sake of burying him:

It’s hard to believe that anyone would actively censor a guy who is already suppressed in every other media. This campaign feels more like Good-versus-Evil every day.

Actually, I don’t think it’s so hard to believe at all, especially at Digg, and I don’t think this is necessarily an anti Ron Paul thing so much as it is a “okay, we get it–you like Ron Paul…STOP!” thing.

While there are definitely some people on Digg who are against Dr. Paul, I think there are a lot of other people who feel like “their” site has been taken over by people with an agenda–that Digg is actually being spammed by Ron Paul supporters.

And honestly, I think they are somewhat justified in feeling this way. Digg (up until the last few months) has mostly been focused and centered on technology, and many of the users there could give a crap about Dr. Paul or any of the other candidates. In my mind, they are somewhat justified in feeling that the site has been overrun by Ron Paul supporters.

Luckily for them (and us), the internet is an example of very efficient and fast moving free market. If Digg gets too cluttered with Ron Paul supporters, the market will move somewhere else. We may be seeing signs that is happening.

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4 Replies to “Ron Paul Blowback?”

  1. Interesting how your theory parallels Dr. Paul’s theory on the Middle East. I think you’ve made your case here very well.

    However, please consider the following:
    – Ron Paul remains unknown, because NINETY-PLUS PERCENT of our nation’s media is controlled by a handful of people who don’t want to cover him.
    – Whether you agree with him or not, “Burying” Digg stories amounts to censorship- which is FASCISM.
    – Whether you agree with ME or not, America is in DEEP trouble, in more ways than I can say. Our ignorance of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights has allowed politicians to deflate our currency, our humanity and our belief in ourselves.
    – The elements that made America the envy of the world just sixty years ago are gone and we are on the verge of economic and tyrannical ruin.
    – Dr. Paul is the only candidate telling the truth about our current situation and the very simple way to FIX everything- get back to what made us great in the first place!
    – So unless we re-adopt the Constitution and Bill of Rights very soon, “tech” won’t matter. Our empire has no clothes my friend, and burying the only voice in Washington telling that truth is suicide.
    – The mainstream media does not want us to know about Dr. Paul, because what he represents is not good for them.

    Please allow supporters to digg a story they like. I understand your point and am not justifying any “spamming”, if indeed that does occur. But isn’t it up to the system (Digg) to determine abuses?


  2. Ok, so digg used to be mostly about tech and now the users feel that they are being taken over by this “politics” thing.

    Why would people who are there for technology be perusing the part of Digg that is actually designated for politics?

  3. I think we are all in basic agreement here, but my basic point is that if it is okay for those of us who support Dr. Paul to Digg any and every story that is positive about him, it is also fair for people to bury them because they don’t support him. That’s the nature of how Digg works.

    One point that I didn’t bring up in my original post is that, if I’m not mistaken, it is against Digg’s TOS to coordinate support, which is basically spamming. In this case, it seems reasonable that it would also be against their TOS to coordinate buries.

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