Ron Paul on iPhone — Brilliant

Whoever is running the technical marketing aspect of Ron Paul’s campaign is a freaking genius. Find out what is more popular than Ron Paul in the medium that attracts your audience, attach yourself to those things, support them, encourage them, and grow them. Eventually, you’ll be playing in the same sandbox with them. No wonder he’s seen such a huge jump in fund raising. He’s proving day in and day out that he and the people around him are smarter than what the other candidates have to offer.

YouTube and iPhone are the only things that have been out ranking Ron Paul on Technorati, and he’s done a great job of using these two things to his advantage–something the other candidates haven’t been able to do as successfully.

Just imagine if the other candidates could leverage the media this way. John McCain would show up on an episode of “All in the Family” or “Perry Mason”. Rudy Giuliani would be doing sketch comedy at nursing homes around the country. Tom Tancredo would be guest starring on a Mexican soap opera–well, maybe not that one.

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One Reply to “Ron Paul on iPhone — Brilliant”

  1. Way to go Ron!!
    Maybe Giuliani can get an iPhone to keep up on
    Ron Paul’s foreign policy Lectures.

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