Ron Paul’s ‘Nutjobs’ Good For the GOP?

Bob Krumm basically asserts that Ron Paul is pulling all of the wackos out of the Republican Party, and in doing so somehow giving those who are left supporting the remaining *cough cough* conservative *cough cough* candidates more credibility.

Still, Ron Paul’s nut jobs are doing the GOP a huge favor. For years–especially the Clinton years–Republicans have been saddled with a few of their own “black helicopter” crowd.

Sadly, this is a prime example of just how out of touch mainstream Republicans really are. It seems like they will blindly follow anything with a trunk as long as something that smells like money is coming out of its butt. Although they exist (in every camp), there aren’t nearly as many wackos supporting Dr. Paul as Krumm suggests. Mostly, Dr. Paul’s supporters are regular people who are sick of getting screwed over by the status quo, business as usual candidates that the Republicrats throw up at every election.

The fact that many of his supporters are smart enough to use a computer effectively doesn’t make them crazy.

Still, given the choice, I’d rather run with the “nutbags” than with the group of in-denial socialists in the Republican Party that are so easily scared by them.

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6 Replies to “Ron Paul’s ‘Nutjobs’ Good For the GOP?”

  1. Well said. I noted that guy did not approve my comment, heh, even though I didn’t curse at him much. I thought it was semi-well reasoned and intelligently argued!

  2. Ah, Bob’s a good guy.

    You have to at least give him credit for realizing that he’ll get a lot more traffic to his site writing about Ron Paul than Fred Thompson.


  3. Since I was 18, I have been voting the status quo…twice for Clinton (because I was in college and got all my “current events” from MTV, which was great for watching folks like Jon Stewart go from Remote Control to the Daily Show, but (in hindsight) not so good for picking the leader of the free world…again I voted status quo when I realized I was a conservative after college when I started paying taxes and realized the God that I said I believed should rain down sulfur on me unless I changed my ways….but now the republican party doesn’t have much to offer me except the same voting mistakes I made before.
    That’s why I say again on this blog…I am a one issue voter….Dr. Ron said he didn’t allow his children to take out student loans…that’s all I need to know.
    If he raises his children like that, he is in line with the way I am raising my children, and for the first time, I am going to vote for my kids instead of voting for what would serve me. Something got to change…either the way Washington deals with its citizens, or the way citizens deal with Washington….I choose the latter, and this is my small part.

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