Blogging The Iowa Debate Part I

I DVR’d it, so I’m a little behind.

First of all…does anyone actually believe that Fred Thompson is going to run? I just don’t see it happening.

Romney won’t address anything in Brownback’s ad, just gives examples that contradict it. It sounds like he may be personally in pro-choice, but governs as pro-life. “I changed my position.” In most people’s eyes, that makes you a waffler Mitt, sorry.

Giuliani supports the 2nd amendment. “Supporting the 2nd amendment” doesn’t mean that you support private gun ownership. It means you support your interpretation of the 2nd amendment. Big difference.

Ron Paul gets the first shot at Iraq saying that the war is illegal…that’s quite a shot. He uses it as an opportunity to attack foreign policy. But Hunter gives a hawkish response. You know, I think you have to give it to the Democrats on the fact that they concentrate on what needs to be done here, not in other countries. Their methods may not be the most sane, but at least their intentions are good (I think).

Huckabee wants to reduce our dependency on foreign oil as a solution. I am completely behind that idea, but it’s not going to solve itself overnight. Brownback wants to basically take over Iraq and tell them how to divide themselves up. It actually sounds like what Vic Mackey does with Spook Street and the One Niners on The Shield.

McCain wants to stay the course of George Bush in Iraq–politically suicide, at least in my estimation.

George Stephanopoulos wants to know if there are any differences between McCain and Guiliani. Of course there is. Guiliani is okay with torture “any means necessary”.

Romney concurs with the other leaders. That’s a safe bet. His attack on Obama is pretty funny though.

Tancredo finally gets his chance to chime in. You know my opinion of this guy–he’s better off showing up to the debate and keeping his mouth shut. Every time he talks he looks more and more like George Bush III. He’s attacking the rules of engagement. I guess he’s long-tailing his talking points now?

Tommy Thompson, I have a word of advice. The next time you want to give a prepared speech in what is supposed to be a live debate, spend a little more time practicing your delivery. Stephen Hawking could have delivered that speech with more emotion and believability.

Winding up this segment with Ron Paul. He attacks the neo-cons and…

Wait a minute…McCain admits that the war was mismanaged for a long time. Yet he’s totally in favor of sticking with the guy who mismanaged it.

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