Blogging The Iowa Debate Part III

It’s funny that Romney talks about speaking softly and carrying a big stick, because I was just about to say that he sure is using a low and soft voice when speaking about our military might. “We were here…they attacked us.” Half right…we were here, and there.

I think Tancredo wants to protect this country? Attacking the religious centers of other countries? That’s like attacking our financial centers. Do you think that would stir up a hornet’s nest or not? Look what it did here.

“Wouldn’t do nothing but…” Tommy Thompson, you sir is an idiot.

Now we’re moving on to the issue of the week–bridges. This may get us through as a major topic until hurricane season is in full swing.

All of these infrastructure issues are STATE ISSUES!!! What in the hell does this have to do with the federal government?

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