I Like Thompson’s Stance On, Uh, Tennessee!

I was at a friend’s house last weekend, and the 2008 elections came up. My buddy claimed he was a strict libertarian, but he didn’t like to throw his vote away by voting for the Libertarian ticket, which I think is a reasonable stance. I assumed that meant that he was supporting Ron Paul.

His response–“Who’s that?”

So I asked who he did support. His response–“Fred Thompson”.

I haven ‘t been able to find out much about where Thompson stands on, well, anything, so I asked why he’s supporting Fred Thompson.

“Well, he’s from Tennessee.”

End of conversation.

Today the KNS has shed some light on the Thompson darkness:

Republicans rushing to embrace Fred Thompson’s would-be presidential candidacy might have trouble figuring out what he would do if he actually won the White House.

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