Ron Paul 5th in Iowa Straw Poll

It wasn’t 3rd place like some were predicting, but it wasn’t 7th like others were predicting either.

So the question is, what now? Does Dr. Paul continue pursuing the Republican nomination (not likely to win), or does he explore other options with a third party. Personally, I like the option of staying with the Rs for now and spending up all the money he has continuing to hammer home his message. I don’t see a third party getting involved with any consequence this cycle other than completely deciding the election.

Here’s a pretty bold prediction for you…

If Ron Paul stays under the Republican tent, they will win the Presidency in 2008. If Ron Paul runs as a third party nominee or independent, not only will we have to deal with Mrs. President dragging us behind her donkey, but I’ll be forced to move to my choice of countries that start with a C per a previous agreement with my co-workers.

The Rs will probably keep him out of debates going forward since they see him as having no chance, but I think the Rs would be smart to try to keep Paul under their tent for as long as possible. A third party will take votes away from them this cycle, not the Ds. And the last thing they need is someone with a 7 digit war chest and a loyal following taking aim at them.

from Forbes

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