Post New Hampshire Debate Thoughts

At this point, I’m happy for Ron Paul to stay in the race for no other reason than how much it annoys Sean Hannity that he always win the post debate polls. The only way Hannity could possibly be more of a nuisance would be if he changed his last name to Clinton. I’ll have a whole separate post coming up after Hannity gets his ass handed to him by has what he predicts will be a battle with Dr. Paul

I didn’t think Ron Paul did particularly well tonight. Although I agree with just about everything he has to say, he didn’t hammer home the freedom message, which is by far his strength. Of course, it doesn’t help that the 1st tier candidates get 3-4 questions to each of his. I did absolutely love his response that the President gets his marching orders from the Constitution–classic.

Other highlights:

  • Romney proves he’s still perfectly capable of not answering a single question.
  • Guiliani was mayor of New York–did you know that?
  • Tancredo couldn’t talk a vagrant into drinking a beer with him.
  • Duncan Hunter leaned on the podium like George W. and tried to smirk like Reagan. Neither worked for him.

If I were any of these candidates, I’d be pretty annoyed that Fred Thompson’s name was even brought up, much less the lead question.

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