Ron Paul Hits Goal and Keeps Moving Forward

Ron Paul made is goal of raising $500,000 online before the end of the 3rd quarter very easily, and has now raised the bar to $1M before the end of September. $1M isn’t really that much in terms of presidential campaigns, but the fact that it is completely a grass roots effort is pretty amazing. Of course, some people are bound to blow this off anyway. I’m sure they’ll contend that all this money is really coming from one guy logging onto Dr. Paul’s site and contributing the same dollar over and over again.

Need some motivation to contribute?

In establishment politics, people make campaign contributions because they want something: a contract, a subsidy, a special-interest deal. But the thousands of people who contribute to this campaign want no favors from big government — which must come at the expense of their fellow citizens, and sometimes our soldiers’ lives. They want only what is their God-given, natural, and constitutional right: their freedom.

Dr. Paul will be in Nashville next Saturday for a rally if you’d like to show up and make your donation in person.

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