Ron Paul at the CNBC Michigan Debate

Here are all the Ron Paul clips merged together…

[youtube TgNLFtYoPAo]

I didn’t get to watch this one because of work and rugby.

Great answers on our monetary policy, and one of the best quotes ever….

“Why don’t we just open up the Constitution and read it?!”

Did Mitt Romney really say that he would consult attorneys to decide whether or not to invade Iran? What a clown!

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3 Replies to “Ron Paul at the CNBC Michigan Debate”

  1. Let’s focus on the real important issue – who do you think is going to win the world cup in Rugby, now that New Zealand is out (which is heart breaking by itself)?

  2. Given what I saw in pool play, South Africa have to be the hands down favorites. Those were some crazy quarterfinal results though.

    Who’d have though that all the semifinal teams would come from two pools? Who’d have though England would be there after their pool play? Who’d have thought Argentina would come on like that? Who’d have thought France would have a shot?

    Fun to watch for sure. I’ve still only had a chance to watch the first half and last 10 minutes of France/New Zealand.

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