First Annual Backlink Drive

This isn’t really an SEO oriented blog, but the topic does come up every now and then, usually relating to things like the importance of backlinks. Backlinks help in several ways–traffic, Technorait authority, Google PR–and are key to building a successful blog, or so I’ve read.

How do you get links? A couple of ways are pretty easy, but also pretty meaningless. Paying for links (I don’t and can’t afford it) can be risky, and submitting your site to a ton of directories that don’t get much traffic (I have) takes a lot of time.

My preferred way to get links is to write some good content that people who author blogs dig and want to talk about themselves. This is the best type of link in my opinion. It implies relevance to the other blog’s readers which produces traffic, it provides strength in measuring systems like Technorati, and most importantly, it strokes my ego. Seriously—the fact that someone liked (or hated) a specific post I wrote enough to comment on it is pretty cool.

The next best link is the one I’m asking for in this post–the Blogroll Link. I rank it second for one main reason–I’m not always sure what it means. It could mean that you like this blog in general, but not necessarily any one post specifically. It could mean that you are linking to get the attention of the blog you linked to in hopes of getting a link back. It could just mean that someone asked you for a link, and that’s the easiest way to give them one. That’s exactly what I’m doing here. I’m conducting my First Annual Backlink Drive by asking all of the folks who subscribe to the feed or visit on a regular basis to take a couple of seconds and add me to your blogroll.

There, that’s it…quick and painless. I figured this is a much better way to ask than emailing a bunch of folks individually. It saves time for everyone, and since you are probably reading this through a feed, you remain anonymous and don’t have to feel bad because you told me “no”.

By the way, the correct answer is “yes”.

Thanks! And feel free to spread this idea around amongst your own readers/subscribers. A backlink to the guy who gave you the idea would be much appreciated. 😉

I’m going to measure the success of this request by Tehcnorati. As of this posting, authority=49 and reacions=84. While I’m in the mood I’m going to go ahead and pen the draft for the Second Annual Backlink Drive, coming to this blog November 7, 2008.

For All You Political Junkies

Kat Coble has posted a pretty good summary of present day politics in the United States.

But, really, the two major parties are very much the same now. They’ve both become interested solely in purchasing continued incumbancy, and any governance which may or may not occur is incidental.

Very true. This reminds me of an episode of The Wire I saw the other night–incredible show by the way. A Baltimore heroin operation is faced with the problem of taking an inferior product to the marketplace. Their solution? Split into two separate brands and manufacture some pretend competition between the two. The junkies end up buying the same crappy product either way, and the cash all flows to the same source.

Not Exactly A Designer Drug

I heard about this “new” drug on a radio show the other day, but it sounded too disgusting to be true. Then a co-worker grew up in Zambia and was telling me that it is pretty common there among young people. Now from The Smoking Gun

It’s an inhalant called “Jenkem,” and causes hallucinations and a “euphoric high.” Of course, as the bulletin notes, Jenkem users dislike its sewagey taste, which can last for days. That’s because Jenkem’s active ingredients are urine and fecal matter, hence its street names like “Butthash” and “Fruit from Crack Pipe.”

Even though I have to giggle at the word “butthash”…ICK! Yet another reason drugs should be decriminalized. At least it keep a few people from inhaling human waste by choice.

The 5th of November

If you didn’t think Ron Paul was a serious candidate, consider that his fund raising effort yesterday pulled in $4.07 $4.3 million. That is the second biggest fund raising day for any candidate ever. Only Hilly has raised more in one day. Ron Paul’s message is hitting home with a lot of people–people who can afford to contribute to a successful campaign. Many would argue that they can’t afford not to.

Top Marathoner Dies in New York

The craziest thing about this story to me is that he was only 6 miles in. As they mention in the video, autopsy results are pending. It is very scary to think that something like this can happen to a top athlete with unbelievable endurance. Scary and very sad.

Check Out the Tom Petty Movie

I Tivo’d Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers: Runnin’ Down a Dream Thursday, I’m about halfway through it (it’s four hours long). This is without a doubt the best music documentary I’ve ever seen. Imagine Motley Crue Behind the Music without all of the crap about drugs and chicks. This documentary is about guys making good music.

You know they have a lot of good songs, but you don’t realize how many and how great until they are all thrown at you at once. There are a few other singers/bands I’d like to see documented in this format for that same reason–Mellencamp, Springsteen, Fogerty, Prince, Stevie Wonder, U2…

Young MC, Quiet Riot, and Winger almost made the list too.

Ron Paul Gets Cute on Jay Leno

Sorry I’m just getting around to writing about Ron Paul’s appearance on Jay Leno. Just a couple of notes…

Whenever Leno mention Dr. Paul in his monologue, he got great applause. It was pretty apparent that there are quite a few people who actually know who he is now. Also, Dr. Paul got a good reaction from the crowd with most of what he said. It’s a pretty simple message that regular people can really relate to.

Whether you like it or not, there are other intangibles that are equally important in an election. Ron Paul scored big here too, at least in our household. I actually heard the phrase, “he’s sooo cute!”

I doubt anyone is saying that about Hillary Clinton.

[youtube B0KwY9Uzqtk]

Divided We Fail — Scary

I saw this commercial for twice last night, and I find it pretty disturbing. Now the AARP (it’s actually an ad by them promoting their agenda) is using kids to scare us with health care and social security. I’m sure the AARP’s big concern is kids. After all, there is nothing to be gained for older people, right? I’m only posting it here because I can’t believe how manipulative and sneaky it is.

It’s bad enough that the AARP is using kids to hide their true motives. But the worst part of this ad to me is what it implies:

1) If you have a problem, look to the government to fix it.
2) You only have two choices when you vote.
3) We’d be better off if these two choices were narrowed down to a singular entity (no choice). I’d argue that we’re already there.

[youtube zlAYwZ0YxYs]

Higher Education Marketing

Seth Godin has a great post today about what actually matters (and what doesn’t) when choosing a college.

It’s almost as if every single high school student and her parents insisted on having a $200,000 stereo because it was better than the $1,000 stereo. Sure, it might be a bit better, but is it better enough?

Take the time to read the whole thing.