YouTube Debates More Like YouBoob Debates

I had high hopes for the debates tomorrow until I watched a few of the questions being asked by YouTube users. Check these out, chosen randomly. I’ll practice my mean and nasty comments here…

[youtube oeI1njDouZA]

My thought is that the President of the United States has no business worrying about the acceptance processes of colleges.  Hopefully he doesn’t have the time either.

[youtube ei4dwzI_-xo]

I only have concern, disdain, and contempt for people who use the word “yesteryear”.

[youtube -Ut4wn-HX9k]

My question for you is, how much time did you spend filming and editing that 90 degree turn to your left…oh, and who is your choreographer?

It feels good to let it out, but it’s too easy.  You could do this all day with an army of smart asses, and the rate at which morons post videos would still out pace you.

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2 Replies to “YouTube Debates More Like YouBoob Debates”

  1. Sad to say, I’ll be glued to the TV tonight. Maybe something cool will happen like:

    1. Romney’s stealth sister wives forget themselves and rush the stage to embrace him.

    2. Rudy pulls a gun on John McCain, who calls in an airstrike.

    3. Ron Paul says a one-liner that causes the media to stop considering him an impossible dream.

    4. Fred Thompson thinks he’s on HBO and lets out an F-storm.

  2. Just affirms Romney’s first comments about the YouTube debates when he said that the Presidency was above stuff like this, just wish someone had the guts to follow through with that sentiment.

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