Why Mitt’s Religion Speech is Shortsighted

Mitt Romney has painted himself into a little bit of a corner by hyping up the “religion speech” and creating a buildup.   I only see a few possible outcomes…

1)  The speech sucks.  All the buildup was for nothing.  No one cares, and everyone walks away saying, “that’s it?”

2)  The speech effectively conveys the point that the President’s religion shouldn’t be such a large determining factor.  I can accept that…so why did you spend so much time and so many resources hyping this speech if religion isn’t an important matter?

3)  The speech effectively conveys the point that the President’s religion is of great importance.  This will effectively polarize people against him.  If you convince people that religion is so important, they will be less likely to vote for you if they don’t agree with your religion.

I guess he’s at a make or break point of the campaign, and it’s time to take a risk?  Or am I that much of a political simpleton?  Maybe both?

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One Reply to “Why Mitt’s Religion Speech is Shortsighted”

  1. I think that he’s going to make a lot of people stop thinking of Mormons as those guys in the black suits on the black bikes who show up at your door occasionally and more toward the types depicted on “Big Love.” I don’t think that LDS can stand much scrutiny, so Mitt will be a big loser.

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