A Bold Prediction

If Hillary doesn’t win in New Hampshire, you’ll see her crying on TV at least 4 times between January 9th and February 5th. What do I base that statement on? Mostly this:

Another woman in the group, Alison Hamilton of Portsmouth, New Hampshire said she, like most of the people in the group, had been considering Obama.

But after seeing Clinton become emotional, she said she was going to vote for Clinton.

“That was the clincher,” Hamilton said.

I’m sure they’ll poll it first to see if crying will actually work for her, and they’ll probably (correctly) determine that it will turn some people off. But then again, they aren’t exactly appealing to people’s rational side to begin with, so why not jump off the cliff and appeal to their emotions completely? By then it will be her only chance.

The real challenge for her will be turning on the waterworks on demand. Her best bet would be recalling someone something Bill did.


Here’s the video

[youtube MVlwH7-05Fk]

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4 Replies to “A Bold Prediction”

  1. I think you’re probably right. If she saved one of those cigars still wet from Monica’s cooze, that should turn on the waterworks whenever she looks at it.

  2. I remember reading that she was actually very mad over the whole Lewinsky incident. Chances are that she shoved what was left of those cigars in Bill’s, uh, “humidor”.

  3. I never thought I would say this, but I think I have something in common with HC…
    When I was a kid, I used to cry whenever I didn’t get what I wanted.
    This usually ended up in a spanking or being sent to my room.
    I have a feeling that HC is in for the same treatment if she keeps the fake crying thing going.

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