McCain v. Hilly

Looks like a done deal, which really scares me.

I’ve had to hold my nose and vote Republican several times when I didn’t really want to.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it this time.  Either way, I’d essentially be voting for Democrat.

But maybe this is a good thing.  Maybe people will finally realize this time around that they really aren’t being presented with much of an option.  Maybe this is what we need to make people realize that we need a party that represents true fiscal conservatism and true individual liberty and property rights.

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I agree with you on not voting for the Republican but why voting for the Democrat?
I on the other hand would wait and see who the LP going to nominate – if the LP candidate is OK I’m going to support him/her. If not than I’m simply not going to vote at all.


When did I say I’d vote for a Democrat? There’s no way, especially with these two.

I had you pegged as a guy who knew that there are more than “two parties”.


I’m listening to my man, Ron Paul, right now. He’s the only guy on the stage making any sense and he’s finding the opportunity to say some things for a change.

I probably misunderstood you. And yes, Paul gave great answers today, shame on CNN for not let him equal time.

Maybe I’m just feeling negative, but I seriously don’t think very many people care about true individual liberty and property rights. If they even know what fiscal conservatism is, they only support it if they’re not on the take.

This election is unbearably depressing.

but I seriously don’t think very many people care about true individual liberty and property rights
Taylor…if Hillary or McCain gets the oval office they will start caring.

What I don’t get about McCain…does he really think that if he’s the nominee that he will draw the liberal/independent vote. If they are both liberal(Clinton and McCain) then why not vote for the Dem. Two birds with one stone.

I’m showing my oppositional rear-end here, but I don’t think anything will wake people up anymore. ~extraordinary rendition, presidential signing statements, torture, guantanamo, domestic surveillance, 30 percent tax rate, debt out of control~

If people haven’t realized yet, they probably won’t. Not because nothing *could* wake them up, but because the power mongers won’t do it all at once. The American Dictatorship will happen slowly enough that nobody will notice. ~refer to the last 8, i mean 60, years~ McCain and Clinton (and nearly all the others as well, Ron Paul notwithstanding) aren’t really different from prior presidents.

Just my cynical, depressing opinion.

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