Ron Paul’s Next Move

Ron Paul’s campaign is at a serious crossroads. This time last week he was armed with a treasure chest full of cash, an army of enthusiastic supporters, and even though he hadn’t a snowball’s chance in hell of winning the Republican nomination, a third party run was looking promising.

This time next week, he may have nothing left but the cash.

His refusal to name the author of the controversial statements that appeared in his newsletters has many of his supporters questioning his candidacy.

So what should he do to fix this problem? I’ve spent the last couple of days up in the attic drinking absinthe and analyzing this problem with my political genius, and I think I’ve found the answer.

If I were him, I’d start by asking my supporters to just chill for a minute.

From what I’ve been reading, they seem to be the only people who are making a big deal out of it. The mainstream media, who we’ve all complained from day one are out to get him, have more or less given him a pass on this. It’s already blown over with everyone except for his supporters, who seem hell bent on imploding.

Does the sky always have to be falling? No one thinks he wrote or believes any of the racist stuff in the newsletters. Those who say they do are only saying so for political reasons.

Just let it go. You didn’t see Bill Clinton’s supporters in 1992 and 1996 demanding a list of all the chicks he’d banged, did you?

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3 Replies to “Ron Paul’s Next Move”

  1. I asked Bill for a list of all the chicks that he banged. After a week of extensive research, I decided I would need a hell of a lot of paper bags.

    I agree with your call on Ron Paul.

  2. Paul needs a miracle to pull-out this race, but he still has my vote. Agreed on his rabid followers, they are both the cause and solution to his problems (much like Homer said that beer is the cause and solution to all of life’s problems).

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