An Open Post-It Note To Card Carrying Republicans

I’m sorry that the guy you have apparently nominated isn’t conservative enough for you.  I feel the same way.  Maybe you should have considered this situation a possibility before you labeled the most conservative choice presented to you as a kook.

There’s a chance the blood letting in November will cleanse your party, but it’s more likely that there will be many a leech waiting to get fat off of the spilled blood. 

And the cycle continues.

Time for a new party for real conservatives?

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5 Replies to “An Open Post-It Note To Card Carrying Republicans”

  1. Thanks for that link Rogel! Pretty interesting stuff, and definitely worth consideration.

    To be honest, the thought of actually becoming a, gulp, Republican makes me feel like a little kid trying to decide whether or not I should get into a car with a stranger.

    Of course, when I look over my shoulder and see a tornado coming straight for me, getting into a car with anyone who may be running away from it doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.

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