Obama’s Video Killed The Radio Star

He’s a shoe-in for the Best Video nod at the VMA’s.

[youtube 2fZHou18Cdk]

YES WE CAN (bankrupt the country with socialism).
I first saw this over at KTownLowDown. SVD asks how many people in the video you can name. Showing my age here–the only one I know for sure is Lou Alcindor. I think others may be Sisco and Quincy Jones.

I could’ve sworn Madonna was in there too, but that can’t be since she’s English.

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One is from Gray’s anatomy. She now has a spinnoff. I don’t know her name. Another is Scarlett Johannson. She has an AIDS test every six months. The only other one I know (besides the artist formerly know as Alcindor) is Vanessa Williams. Yes we can create racial harmony with more unauthorized photos of the former Ms. America.

Dang it. I like the title of your post better.

Yeah, but you got the domain name that rules.

And by the way…I like this video. It’s really cool. There isn’t any substance to it, but I guess that makes him more Presidential.

1. Harold Perrineau (Lost cast)
2. Natasha Beddingfield
3. John Legend
4. Kareem Abdul Jabaar
5. Tatyana Ali (Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
6. Kate Walsh (Grey’s Anatomy)
7. Aisha Tyler (Friends, Curb Your Enthusiasm)
8. Eric Balfour (24)
9. Nicole Scherzinger
10. Taryn Manning
11. Will.i.am. (Black Eyed Peas)
12. Edward Kowalczyk (Lead singer of Live)
13. Fonzworth Bentley (Diddy’s former assistant)
14. Amber Valleta
15. Common (R&B singer)
16. Nick Cannon
None of these were looked up (cheating) there were all people that my friend Ashley and I recognized from the video. Oh, and of course Scarlett and Obama

Very impressive Kristin…I must pass my pop culture knowledge trophy to you I guess. I’m so old that I don’t know who most of these people are even though you’ve named them. 😛

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