Stupor Tuesday–For Real This Time

A co-worker was just telling me about going to the polls in Eastern Kentucky where fights would break out among voters.  Usually the animosity for people in other parties stayed below the surface, but on election day it was brought out through “campaigning”.  This was a practice that saw a certain party show up with liquor to entice people to go out and vote.

Let’s get drunk and vote…what a great idea.

I early voted last Thursday, and I actually noted while I was in line how respectful people were of one another.  Not only did everyone abide by the rules of not discussing candidates and parties, but even folks who knew each other and talked to friends did not talk about the election.  Even more impressive was the fact that there weren’t any police or military personnel around to make sure things remained orderly.  It’s just the way we do it.

We are so lucky to live in a country whose culture allows people to disagree so strongly yet stand peacefully side by side while waiting for their turn to have their voices heard.  Well, as long as alcohol isn’t involved.

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2 Replies to “Stupor Tuesday–For Real This Time”

  1. That’s my favorite thing about election day. I’ve seen politeness at every place I’ve voted in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I’ve never heard a comment about who anybody voted for.

    My wife and I sometimes take that kind of courtesy to an extreme. We always vote for different candidates for President. Sometimes we cast each other’s votes as an act of faith.

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