Party People in the House

John Norris Brown on Democratic Party candidate selection:

A few months ago, I would have predicted the superdelegates to go with the most electable candidate, then unquestionably Barack Obama. Given whats happened since then, I don’t know if he can still play that card.

I’ll go ahead and make another bold prediction…

The Republicans will win the Presidency again, not because of the strength of their candidate, but because of the weakness of the Democratic candidate.  That will make three in a row for, largely for the same exact reason.  The real question is this–how clueless are the Democrats that they continue to let this happen?  Is the whole party that out of touch?

The Republicans haven’t been forced to win an election for the last three cycles.  All they have to do is not get beaten.  It’s just like the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.  In order to lose, he has to be pinned for the 1-2-3.  He can’t lose by disqualification or count out.

For a long time I’ve longed for a viable third party, even if it’s one that is completely in opposition to my personal beliefs and political philosophy.  At this point, I’d settle for one viable party.

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2 Replies to “Party People in the House”

  1. I love that you tied WWE to our political system, great analogy… the sad thing is, the WWE has way more integrity.

    I couldn’t have said this any better: “At this point, I’d settle for one viable party.”

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