Twitter Was Made For Watching Debates

The only thing better than sitting on the couch and making smart ass comments while watching the debates is sitting on the couch making smart ass comments while watching the debates and watching everyone else make smart ass comments.  Some of my favorite Tweets from the debates are below along with links to the blogs of the folks who penned them.  Please show them your support by visiting their sites and buying an airplane…or something.

Final Question: Boxers or briefs? (directed at Hillary)–GingerSnaps

She is a bitch. And she is AWESOME!–Newscoma

Obama gets this nightmare back on track. I kept waiting for Dick Clark and Ed McMahon to pop out with an animated janitor —vagredajr

Why did Hill bring up healthcare? Didn’t she *try* that already?–eeUS

And finally, in what was probably the most insightful, honest, and intelligent comment in all of Twitterdom world during the entire debate:

@sadcox your funny you’re really into this huh? —MatthewsChick

Now on to The Ultimate Fighter…

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You realize my bitch comment was about my dog, Mabel, running for president, don’t you? 🙂

Do I need a disclaimer about quotes being taken out of context?

I can’t help it if double entendres exist…intended or not. 🙂

Naaah, no disclaimer necessary. Just coming over to chat.

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