Libertarian Party Agenda–Keep Hillary Clinton Out of Office

The “party of principle” compromised its principles over the weekend in some people’s eyes by choosing Bob Barr as its Presidential nominee. You may ask why that matters since they don’t have a legitimate shot of winning anyway. Well, to hard liners like Christine Smith, the Libertarian Party is just a shell of itself and no longer worthy of their participation. Her comments here actually sum up the very reason I’ve never been a member of the LP, although I usually vote Libertarian: I’m completely turned off by the term “true libertarian”. Even amongst the hard liners, there is constant bickering about who is the real libertarian. According to Smith, the Party is now dead.

tangleBut the LP may have actually accomplished something important this weekend after all–the stonewalling of Hillary Clinton until at least 2016. If Christine Smith is right and Bob Barr is just a neocon in libertarian clothing, he’s going to get a lot of protest votes from Republicans who aren’t happy with McCain’s nomination–maybe enough to cost him the election. That would set Obama up to win, keeping Hillary on the sidelines for 2012 as well.

Too funny.

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4 Replies to “Libertarian Party Agenda–Keep Hillary Clinton Out of Office”

  1. That’s an interesting concept about trying to keep Hillary out. Frankly, I think that is a good thing. In the democratic race she has shown that she is an evil witch who will do anything to win.

  2. Kevin, I’m good with keeping Hillary out of office too, just not too sure about what we’ll have to accept in order for that to happen. Not that McCain is any better–I guess it truly doesn’t matter at this point.

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