Michelle Obama and Tennessee Republicans

Was it a low blow?

Well she did make her statements while campaigning for Barack. To me that makes anything she said fair game. If the tables were turned and she’d made a stirring, tear jerking statement about how great this country is, you’d better believe the Dems would be using that sound bite to their advantage. It’s not as if they went after his kids for something they said at show and tell.

Is it silly, maybe even pathetic to use this clip in an ad?
Probably. Not because they used the clip, but because they continue to use it. Give me something new guys. Surely you don’t plan on playing this over and over until the election. You don’t seriously think the key to getting John McCain elected is to play something stupid Barack’s wife in a continuous loop do you? Which brings me to my main point…

Was it a stupid move strategically?
Absolutely. Why waste money trying to disparage the spouse of a candidate in a state the candidate won’t win anyway? If I were a Republican in this state I’d be pissed off that my money was wasted on something like this, especially when Tennessee Republicans have plenty of PR problems that this money could be thrown at locally.

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The Tennessee GOP has started its Fall campaign on Obama by attacking his wife Michelle for her “proud of America” remarks. They must figure that it’s easier to attack a candidate’s spouse rather than go for the main contender. It’s discourteous and one that is reminiscent of the 1828 attacks against Andy Jackson’s wife Rachel. The Republicans were soundly defeated in that campaign, partly due to Jackson’s immense popularity and the distasteful attacks against his wife.

It remains to be seen if history will repeat itself, but throughout the nomination process, trying to beat Obama with personal attacks instead of policy arguments has all but failed. GOP Tennesseans may feel they were being patriotic in singling out Michelle Obama for their initial attack ads, but this will only increase Obama’s popularity and make Tennessean Republicans look paltry.

If McCain has any spine, he will condemn these spurious attacks and call to make political spousal abuse off limits for both parties. Politics is an ugly business, but drive-by slurs only makes the perpetrators look even uglier in the eyes of voting citizens.

The comment so good they made a post out of it.

I guess it’s part of an all-out assault strategy. He’s a Muslim with an unpatriotic wife who appeases the Hitlers of the world. Pathetic, but unfortunately, effective.

HM–if he’s able to do all that while maintaining a seat in the Senate, I may vote for him after all. “Good multi-tasker” is a trait I look for in a President.

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