Feeling Better About My Contribution

You know what? I’ll admit that I’ve been a little disheartened that I contributed to Ron Paul’s campaign and haven’t seen much come of it recently, at least until he announced his new organization (let’s call it what it is–a PAC) to campaign for liberty.

Then I read this comment by Hungry Mother:

At the very least, my part in Paul’s online contributions helped to show that some of us will put our money where mouths are.

It’s weird, but that simple statement makes me feel a lot better about my contribution. Yeah, I bitch and moan a lot about the way things are and the way they should be, but at least this time–for the first time–I tried to do something about it other than wait until the general election to cast my protest vote for a guy who has no chance. Sure, I’ll be doing the same thing again this year, I just haven’t decided which guy with no chance I’ll be voting for.

More importantly, this year I was motivated to do something about it. This year there was someone worth contributing to. There was a message worth getting behind.

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One Reply to “Feeling Better About My Contribution”

  1. i couldn’t agree more, it was the first time i contributed to a campaign, and haven’t felt any regret since. i knew that ron paul didn’t really have a chance against the machine, but my hope would be that if enough people stood up and contributed/voted, that the machine might take notice and actually make a change for the better because the people demanded it… i may still be dreaming here, but you can always hope.

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