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AdMobile No Longer Mobile

But it still exists. Now, however, it’s called The Billboard Truck. About four years ago, the Admobile took Knoxville by storm. Everybody was talking about it. This was long before diesel prices skyrocketed to unsightly heights.  This was before the scare tactic formerly known as Global Warming decided it wanted to be called Climate Change.  […]

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Snappin’ On Politics

I love this!  Demarcationville has details on a political scuffle over in the western part of our great state, or as I like to call anything 50 miles west of Nashville, Arkansas.  There is a really entertaining (for several reasons that I shouldnt have to point out, just read it) letter that was written to […]

Penn and Teller Call Bullshit on Al Gore

Check out this great clip from Penn and Teller’s show “Bullshit”. Al Gore is such a clown, but the scary kind of clown. Penn and Teller, on the other hand, are funny. Good pub for the Tennessee Center for Policy Research here, which highlights Gore’s overuse of power while trying to make everyone else in […]

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Fair Is Fair

I just heard on Boortz that The Unabomber had a copy of “Earth in the Balance” in his shack when they arrested him.  Does that mean that Al Gore should be held responsible? Seems reasonable using the logic that right wing nutjobs are responsible for this weekend’s shootings.

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I Would LOVE to RTFM

So I’m working on a project for my job job (I’m not quite able to support a family on blogging–yet), and have been wrestling with a biggish enterprise software package.  As you’d expect, there’s quite a bit of convolution to it–things like hundreds of database tables with nondescript names like T001, T0043, H3222, etc.  (Was […]

Knoxville’s Miracle Mile? Huh?

Wh-wh-WHAT?  KnoxTalks has the lowdown on an NBC reporter making the statement about the stretch of Kingston Pike between Sequoya Hills and UT: “people call it The Miracle Mile” C’mon.  Making things up to make a news story more interesting is soooo 2003 New York Times.  But I’ll play along by making my own completely […]

I’m a Big Winner

Just wanted to say thanks to the guys over at Knoxify for rigging their random number generator so that I could win their contest.  Look for me around town wearing a shiny new RootClip t-shirt.  Hopefully by the end of the summer it won’t look like it’s two sizes too small. I’ll be repesentin’ the […]

Church Shooting Here in Knoxville

I was enjoying a nice peaceful day with the fam and just now heard about this. Not much to say except that I’m stunned. Things like this are so rare here. We were just having a conversation last night about what a great place this is to live and have a family. I’m reading a […]

A Simple Tip for McCain

Dear Senator McCain, I’m not sure why Senator Obama is busy campaigning in other countries.  I thought his goal was to be President of this country.  This seems like a point you, who also claim to want to be our President, would want to exploit.  I’m sorry none of the members of your posse thought […]

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Without Being Told (or Forced)

I drove up to the boonies to help a friend move today.  Actually, I drove up through hell Gatlinburg to get to his new place on top of the mountain.  On the way back I took the backroads in order to avoid the traffic and enjoy the scenic drive.  Something really cool happened on the […]