Jonesin’ for Some Ron Paul Soda

Ron Paul ColaJonesin’ for more Ron Paul?  Head over to the Jones Soda website and check out their Campaign Cola 2008. The site also features bottles from some other also-rans of this election cycle.

Question: How can Barack Obama supporters afford to buy so many high dollar sodas? I thought he was for the little guy? I wonder if it’s because he has a large number of supporters with plenty of money to buy higher quality items like Jones Soda.  I wonder if they even think about the fact that corn is subsidized to the point that the major soda companies make their product out of corn syrup instead of better tasting cane sugar. Don’t believe me? Buy a Coca Cola bottled in Mexico and tell me you can’t taste the difference.

At least Clinton’s Jones Soda sales numbers jibe with the supposed economic situation of her support base. And of course, all the old folks who are supporting McCain aren’t web savvy enough to go online and order soda made from pure cane sugar.

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