Snappin’ On Politics

I love this!  Demarcationville has details on a political scuffle over in the western part of our great state, or as I like to call anything 50 miles west of Nashville, Arkansas.  There is a really entertaining (for several reasons that I shouldnt have to point out, just read it) letter that was written to Bill Hobbs, but the best part about the whole dust up is the threat by Rev. George Brooks “to go to the ‘dozens game'”.

I don’t ever attack anyone’s religious beliefs…at least I try not to, and I don’t think I do…so I’m going to steer clear of that part of the letter. But I loves me some snappin’, and I love it that Demarcationville had the great idea of picking the “other” side, which I frequently find myself on.

I’ll get things rolling as equally as I can. Feel free to snap on your least favorite political party or figure in the comments.

  • John McCain is so old, when he was young rainbows were black and white.
  • Barack Obama is so skinny, he has to stand in the same place twice just to cast a shaddow.
  • The Libertarian Party is so poor, it’s welcome mat just says “Wel”
  • George Bush is so stupid, it takes him two hours to watch 60 minutes.
  • Hillary Clinton is so ugly, when she looks in the mirror her reflection ducks
  • The Republicans are so dirty they have to creep up on bathwater
  • The Democrats are so stupid they stick phones up their butts to make booty calls

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