Defining Moment of the DNC So Far?

I think this interview after Hillary Clinton’s speech last night was some of the best political television I’ve seen in a long time. Off the cuff, heart felt, and honest. Try finding that anywhere else at a big party convention. Still, it’s a little troubling to see people put so much faith in one person to make such an impact on their lives.

I get it that this woman is inspired by Hillary Clinton–I think that’s obvious and valid. But I’m glad we live in a system (at least for now) that doesn’t give one person enough power to instantly make the kinds of sweeping impact this woman seems to think Hillary could make.

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One Reply to “Defining Moment of the DNC So Far?”

  1. A bit melodramatic… And that comment about not voting. You don’t HAVE to vote for one of status quo candidates. i’m pretty sure i’m voting “none of the above”.

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