Meghan McCain’s Blog–FAIL

I hope for Barack Obama’s sake it’s real. I hope for John McCain’s sake it isn’t. John McCain’s daughter Meghan is blogging from the campaign trail. And by “blogging” I mean there is blogging software installed on a domain, and she can occasionally compose a compound sentence. Apparently a digital camera is involved as well, and any photo taken with it is post-worthy.

A typical post consist of three or four sentences along with 20-30 uninteresting photos. Why is it I want to read this blog? Is this the typical writing ability of a Columbia graduate? At least we know the astrological signs of the contributors.

John McCain Campaign Excitement
John McCain Campaign Excitement

Of course, the site is not “officially” associated with the campaign, and it’s a good thing. I’m sure if the campaign had thought of this idea, they would have done so with the intention of using Meghan’s youth and hipness to “plug into the internets” and “take advantage of emailings” to energize the youth of America. It would be a great strategy to prove to all the whipper snappers out there on the “bulletin boards” who have their own “homepage” that John McCain isn’t that old after all.


Nothing says “old” like having a daughter, presumably in her early 20s, who doesn’t get it either.

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6 Replies to “Meghan McCain’s Blog–FAIL”

  1. however, she looks pretty hot. i’m not sure she is writing the posts or taking the pictures anyway. the photos are from a professional photographer, and the post content is dreary “where we went today” commentary.

  2. @billymac

    Maybe they should have titled the blog instead then?

    Sorry sleepers…I just bought the domain name.

  3. My favorites:
    1. Picture- An array of footballs
    2. Song of the Day

    Not sure which is greater, my sadistic pleasure of watching this train wreck or my desire to be on the bus in place of Ms. Phi Alpha Omega.

  4. Yeah, that’s a pretty pathetic blog. It’s more a, “Hi, look at me I’m pretty and in a nice red dress” blog. Agreed that you might expect a 20-something to do a little better. She’s most likely a future politician like her dad and is also probably, “aware of the Internet.”

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