Libertarian Party Baffles Me

I commented a long time ago that the LP should forget about a national campaign simply because it is a waste of resources.  Since then, Bob Barr has alienated a huge part of the core of the LP.  The presumed justification for nominating him at the convention was to compromise a piece of the what “real libertarians” (whatever that means) believe in so that the LP could get a big name nominee and appeal to the masses.

FAIL!  You guys have taken a mess of a party and made it even messier.

So let’s look at this in another context, maybe appealing to the LP’s supposed sensibilities since they don’t seem to care about their wallets…

You guys claim to be concerned with centralization of power.  I’m in agreement with you there.  Why, then, do you continue to sink such a huge portion of your resources to promote a single candidate for a single office he has no real chance of winning?

Why not put your money where your belief system is?  Why not work towards promoting local and state candidates instead of wasting money fighting the olagarchy in court for ballot access in the Presidential elections?  Make some changes in the way you allocate your resources, stop throwing money into black holes, and I’ll consider becoming a “Big L” Libertarian.  

I think I’ve just effectively added Bob Barr to the list of candidates I won’t vote for.

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