So Close To Being Smart

I was really interested when I heard that it may have been a University of Tennessee student, David Kernell,  who was clever enough to “hack” into Sarah Palin’s Yahoo! mail account. But then there’s this

The hacker guessed that Alaska’s governor had met her husband in high school, and knew the Republican vice presidential candidate’s date of birth and home Zip code, the Associated Press reported.

Using those details, the hacker tricked Yahoo Inc.’s service into assigning a new password, “popcorn,” for Palin’s e-mail account, according to a chronology of the crime published on the Web site where the hacking was first revealed.

This isn’t hacking in my book.  “Hacking” involves coming up with a clever way to take advantage of a inadvertant security vulnerability that exists in the software.  In this case, Yahoo!’s software worked exactly the way it is supposed to work.  It’s not “hacking” when you use the default screens Yahoo! gives you to change the password for the address.  It’s just a weak process (one they still haven’t changed), and some bored guy playing around and being stupid enough to get caught.

See, a real hacker would be smart enough to cover his tracks and keep his mouth shut about something like this.  He may poke around in her messages, but he’d never let it out that he’d been there because he’d know how much trouble he’d get in with the FBI for stealing her recipes and makeup secrets.  Sorry…I couldn’t resist that one.

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or even see which “yahoo groups” she has joined such as “cougars on the prowl”…or, erm..well, you can let your own imagination run with that one…or not.

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