Sorted Out–Here’s My Problem With McCain’s Speech

I really liked what John McCain said about the lessons he learned as a POW and his desire to stop living for himself and living for his country. I think that’s a great message, and I’m sure it resonates with a lot of people. It may actually help him that he doesn’t deliver this message with a tone that implies empty rhetoric. His soft spoken manner makes the message seem more sincere.

My problem is that this is the first time I’ve heard it.

John McCain has wanted to be President for a really long time, but I’d never heard this from him before. Not that I pay attention to everything the guy has ever said, just saying.

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3 Replies to “Sorted Out–Here’s My Problem With McCain’s Speech”

  1. the fact that we have not heard much about that, to me, makes it all the more believable. that is one reason i felt a glimmer of hope. i actually believe he is not one to go about boasting, but in today’s society and even more so in today’s politics, one has to sound one’s own trumpet any more to be heard. sad but true. i personally believe it is very naive to hope for some sense of world peace, and if there ever is a “peace” it will not be a real peace. I do believe that we are heading towards more war, what with iran and russia playing war games, and therefore more need for military might. to not have someone that is tried by fire, is a bit frightening.

  2. My guess is that he was saying that story for when it mattered. If he had told that story on the campaign trail 8 years ago or even last year and didn’t have the attention of the public in large, we probably would have missed it or it would have seemed like just politics…see John Kerry and the like….McCain doesn’t talk much about his experience and certainly doesn’t talk about it in details. Others do that for him, and I think that makes his service story sincere.
    I don’t agree with McCain about a lot of things and he wasn’t my first choice, but he will get my vote if for no other reason than for the humility he displayed during his speech and changing from using his country to serve his needs, to dedicating himself to serving his country. And if he was lying about what he said in his speech, then the oval office has a way of shining light into those places and revealing much.
    But I think he never shared that story with the public because the message was so important that he wanted to make sure it was heard. Like him or not (which I didn’t before last week) he has exhibited service to this country and good judgment…which I believe trumps experience anyday.

  3. rob, you are right on in saying “it will not be a real peace.” I’m glad to hear someone else reads “THE BOOK”. SVD you are also on it with McCain not talking “much about it.” As a veteran, I CAN say that former POW’s/absolute SURVIVORS will not discuss it unless they bring it up. Respect dictates that people don’t ask those survivors about it. John McCain did not want to talk about his experience at all, neither did the Left. His speech writers and campaign managers discussed passionately with him his need to convey his story with America. I do believe with my whole heart, mind and spirit that Washington is nervous if not scared about his “Change” and their loss of power/position and the exposure they will get due to the fraud they have perpetrated on America for lo these many years. Make no mistake, the INSIDERS are from BOTH parties. McCain and Palin have already cleaned their own houses and owe it to us, America to clean the HOUSE of those we have elected and are supposed to be working for us.

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