A Summary of the Debate

I was only halfway watching, and what is going on seems fairly evident.

  1. John McCain has no desire to address difficult issues, especially the economy.
  2. Barack Obama has no desire to address difficult issues, especially the economy.
  3. Barack Obama will be the next President.
  4. John McCain is the real winner, because he won’t have to deal with these difficult issues.
  5. Or is Hillary Clinton the real winner?
  6. So Obama is going to take the heat for the next four years. With higher taxes and more regulation, there will be plenty to take. If you are naive enough to believe that tax increases imposed only on the “rich” aren’t going to affect you, blame your parents, grandfather, or first boss. Mine made sure I knew at an early age which direction shit rolls.
  7. There may be hope for the Republican Party in the future after the fiasco that is John McCain. He could be the painful, tragic hurricane that wreaks destruction and ultimately gives you the opportunity to rebuild.

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1. Drill hear, drill now probably won’t fix the economy. Neither will buying a lot of crappy mortgages. At least he’s desperately trying to come up with something.
2. Might have the desire, but has no clue how to do it. Will default to socialism.
3. Yep, no doubt about it.
4. He just has to pick which of houses will be his primary residence during retirement. Married to a rich beer heiress…dare to dream. In a few months, he will wonder why he even bothered.
5. Nope, she still has to put up with Bill.
6. His life is going to be hell and he and his fellow democrats will make our lives hell. If you things are tough now, wait until you see the impact on your pocket book. Bend over and grab your ankles…
7. The Republicans will benefit from the inevitable backlash against the Democrats. I don’t have much faith that they will actually revamp the party.
Here’s to the next four years….who’s got the first round?

I still Stephen Colbert would make a better President then either of these two losers. At least he would entertain us as our lively hoods go down the shitter.

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