“Republicans.  That’s what scares people nowadays.  That and…Democrats.”
-Todd Snider

No more political posts from me until next Wednesday. Next Wednesday we can start talking about what we can do to try and fix things the next time around. For now, there’s too much tension, I’m over it. Enjoy this song.

If you don’t already own everything Todd Snider has ever done, I recommend you go get it.

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Let me know if you get tickets to the Eddie Van Halen and the Eddie Van Halen Band when they come through.

@aingle that reminds me of a great David Lee Roth quote I read…

“DLR Band means Dave, Lowery, and Ray. I named it that because it sounds more like a band than David Lee Roth, which just sounds like a person. When you hear David Lee Roth – you think of a person. When you hear DLR Band – you think of a band. Just like when you hear Eddie Van Halen you think of a person, and when you hear Van Halen – you think of David Lee Roth!”

I’m swearing off politics for a week, also. Good move!

I am still an undecided voter, trying desparately to make a thoughtful decision, and I will feel paralyzed without your informed news and comment.

Great minds think alike, I’ve been listening to Todd Snider a lot lately and have been meaning to recommend him to you because I thought you would like him. Check out the liner notes for You Got Away With It on his The Devil You Know CD. As soon as I read them, I knew I liked him. If you hurry, you can download his current CD free (I think it’s only good through tomorrow).

I may extend this decision and swear off talking about politics all together–the lone exception being standing on the beach sharing an 18 pack of Coors Light tall boys with a good friend.

Like the man said, “I didn’t come down here to change your mind about nuthin’. I come down here to ease my own mind about everythang.”

Thanks for the heads up! I just downloaded the whole thing.

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