We Interrupt This Race For Some Negativity

There’s no way I’d ever run for public office.  Ok, maybe I would just out of spite, but I’d never do it with any illusions about my electibility.  I seems political success is somehow tied to likability, which disqualifies me.  But just in case I do run, here’s a little head start for my opponents in case the campaign goes negative.

And if I get my way, it will go negative.  

I’ve taken a page out of Stephen Littau’s book and written a negative campaign against myself based on past blog posts.

Sadcox…he seems like a nice enough guy, but have you looked at where he stands on the issues?

Sadcox has as considered raising his own children based on recommendations of an aged and addled Rock Star.  Sadcox is in favor of deregulation of PIMPS and has counseled and encouraged unwed single mothers to break up marriages.  His gambling problem runs so deep that he’s wagered furniture on the results of a basketball game.

And what about education?  Sadcox has called some school administrators “turds”, and has referred to children who participate in fund raisers as “beggars”.  He’s in favor of eliminating all federal funding for education, and has the audacity to mention Shakespeare and Tupac Shakur together.

Not only that…(dramatic pause)

Sadcox calls Social Security a ponzi scheme.

In these uncertain times, can you really afford a leader who is willing to trust you with your own money?  Do you feel comfortable risking your safety by voting for someone who has enough beezwax of his own to worry about yours?

Vote for someone who is willing to take responsibilty so that you don’t have to.  Vote for the other guy.

This was a very theraputic experience, and I recommend all of you give it a shot as well.

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4 Replies to “We Interrupt This Race For Some Negativity”

  1. @Hungry Mother
    Give it a shot. It will make you realize insane positions you have that, when given further thought, should instantly be written into law.

  2. I actually HAVE done a mental editorial on this, but had to stop when it was made public that I have been known to associate with “Sadcox”…it was all downhill from there.

    Also, I believe most of us probably do not fall under the “norm” and thus seek other like-minded individuals on the net via blogs, forums, “spaces” and “books”, etc. where we can be heard without some form of biased editing or censorship, for the most part…

    I say…”Vote Sadcox in ’08″…”He may let you down, but it’s probably your fault!”

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