What She Said, Part 5,307

Jen is channeling my thoughts.  However, she writes better than I do and probably smells better too.

The question shouldn’t be “which of those two are you voting for” but rather “why are you tolerating a system that is stripping you of your right to fair process and what can we do to change it?” Stop settling for less and start demanding more from the systems that your dollars support. Stop following the process blindly and start looking at the bigger picture and asking the hard questions. Demand more… our nation deserves it… our nation needs it. We certainly do need change, but I assure you change will NOT come from any candidate put before us by either the democratic or republican parties.

Every election cycle we seem to get more and more polarized as a country, aligning ourselves with two parties that are becoming more and more alike.  I’m worried that this country may have missed its last chance to grow a set and demand more.

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